RE-TOLLED was broadcast as part of Channel 4 and Animate Projects Random Acts season on 23rd August 2013, it will be available to watch on this page from 23rd September.
In the meantime you can view it on the Random Acts site here

RE-TOLLED (2010)
An Animate Projects production for Channel 4

RE-TOLLED is a moving image piece produced in response to a large supermarket development in Cardigan, developing themes touched upon in earlier work it draws upon the imagery of the Mari Llwyd and other Welsh folk ritual in an attempt to manifest the ‘spirit’ of the land.

As trees are felled and the landscape altered, the reverberations are felt deep in the earth, disturbing creatures that are now only half remembered in folk memory. These creatures inhabit a liminal space between the twilight underworld of the forgotten and the physical landscape from which they have been pulled.

“I witnessed the daily destruction caused by this major building project, unwanted by the local residents but pushed through the planning stages by the vested interests of developers. Mature Oak trees uprooted, the cottage where I used to live demolished – I walked among the diggers and took objects from the site, roots, splinters of wood, stone and earth.

I attempted to breath life back into these objects and re-animate them, creating a virtual world from these fragments and releasing their story”


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