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    Sean Vicary is an artist filmmaker currently based in West Wales, UK

    He originally studied painting at Newcastle Polytechnic but became increasingly seduced by the possibilities of working in time-based media.

    Initially working with Super 8 Film alongside his paintings he quickly embraced all things digital, acquiring the skills necessary to fully realise the forms he had been striving for in his painting practice. His work has been broadcast in the UK and exhibited worldwide.

    Recent work has explored ideas of liminal space and identity, combining video installation with site-specific animation presented through a smartphone augmented reality browser.

    “My work is primarily concerned with ideas of ‘landscape’ (internal and external) and our increasingly politicised interaction with the ‘natural’ world.

    I use found objects and fragments of detritus to explore this relationship, manipulating these elements in a virtual space to create animated assemblages. These act as triggers for the viewer, sometimes suggestive of a wider narrative or the hidden processes at play behind the visible.”